Heaven Is a Clifftop Roof Deck in Maui

Eternity with this view? We'll take it.

April 5, 2017 9:00 am

Sometimes vacation accommodations are an afterthought — nothing more than a place to catch some sleep and a quick shower in between meals, excursions and trying to figure out the inscrutable local public transportation system.

But sometimes the accommodation is the vacation.

The Cliffside House is a package deal for all of the above. It’s actually a cluster of mini houses that center around a common kitchen and dining space, emphasizing the social aspect of the house that was vital to the owners who commissioned the design. Each unit — which consists of a bedroom and bathroom — has ocean views and just the right amount of privacy.

Clifftop House (8 images)

The distinctive angular roof is clad in weathered wood and protects against strong winds and rains. It also give a natural look to the structure, allowing it to gently merge with the character of the surrounding landscape. The roof’s gentle slopes are safe for climbing, and lend residents a higher vantage point to soak in the views.

Warm sun, cool breeze, can’t lose.

Photos: Cristobal Palma 

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