Area Man Builds Modern Concrete Castle for His Mom


May 5, 2017 9:00 am

When it comes to gift giving, Mother’s Day is the soufflé. It’s the cult classic movie reboot. The brand new luxury musical festival on an island. In other words, Mother’s Day is the easiest to royally screw up.

We’ve done our best to make this Mother’s Day as painless as possible in that regard, but what do you get the mom who will accept no less than pure extravagance? Apparently, Guesthouse Rivendell.

According to Dezeen, IDMM Architects led by Kwak Hee Soo designed the South Korean concrete castle “for the mother of a local entrepreneur,” though it’s not clear whether the name comes from the elven realm in The Lord of the Rings (hey, moms like Tolkien, too), or from the house’s location in an actual riven dell (that is, split valley).

Guesthouse Rivendell (5 images)

Cantilevers were used to get the mostly concrete structure to evoke tree branches, extending outward so the house feels connected to the surrounding water and mountains of the town of Gapyeong. The master bedroom and balcony are located at the end of one of these projections, looking out onto the swimming pool, backyard and Bukhan River.

Glazed surfaces, green spaces and pools throughout the property counteract the potential severity of the concrete. One entrance lies beyond a garden of pine trees and flowers, another across a reflecting pond. And the rooftop deck, accessible through an inner courtyard, is covered in wooden planks and greenery.

Guesthouse Rivendell 2 (4 images)

One question you may be asking: what is one mom going to do with a 6-bedroom mansion?

Hey, it’s none of your business what the woman who gave you life does with the gifts you give her. But in this case — with a pool, giant rooftop, maid’s room and sleeping space for all her best pals — she’s probably going to throw a total rager.

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