This Summer Cabin Comes to You

Because it has wheels. And a breakfast nook.

By The Editors
May 20, 2015 9:00 am

Remote cabin-in-the-woods enthusiasts, take note.

Seclusion just got easier.

Because getting there isn’t always half the fun, there is Collingwood, a handsome modular cabin that comes to you, available now.

Handcrafted by Güte — a father/sons team with 30+ years of custom home experience — the Collingwood is a new type of “shepherd hut.”

Around 7.5’ wide and 16′ end-to-end, the cast-iron-wheeled Collingwood is an old-timey beaut of a refuge.

Or guest bedroom. Or office.

Whatever the use, the ‘wood is built to last: a weatherproofed combo of Western Red cedar shakes, galvanized steel, solid-wood sidings, hand-distressed painted pine floors and solid white oak doors.

And it’s fully customizable. You pick the wood, colors and furniture — be it foldaway desks, a butler’s cupboard, a slide-out sofa-bed or a delightful breakfast nook that collapses into a double bed.

Pro tip: get the bunk bed and turn it into a kid’s playhouse.

The Collingwoods are fully insulated and grid-ready. They’re also small enough that they won’t incur any additional property taxes.

After you pick your design, the cabin will be ready in about a month.

Ideal timing. 


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