Owning Your Own Glorious Safari Retreat Costs Less Than You Think

11 BR, 11 BA, 13 fireplaces, lions, elephants, etc.

March 20, 2017 9:00 am

There’s no travel experience quite like a safari — but part of the deal is that you usually don’t stay on one for super-long unless you’re an English aristocrat in the 1920s. You go in for a couple days and then you come out, not least because five-star outfitters are often hella expensive: $2,000 a day and up per person is the floor, not the ceiling. 

But what if … you just lived on safari? Like, permanently? Because you own one?

safari residence (5 images)

That’s what’s on offer at this stunning estate on a 25,000-acre private gaming reserve on South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Two rivers criss-cross the reserve. And you can navigate them all the way to the Indian Ocean. American luxury buyers are accustomed to amenities like 13 fireplaces (which it has). But how many Silicon Valley mansions come with the chance to spot Big 5 wildlife

Best of all: The rand is weak (though strengthening) — which means this can all be yours for under $5M. Get on it. 

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