This Rug Appears to Be Swallowing Up Your Living Room

Ah, a brief bout of mirth before the existential void beckons

October 25, 2017 9:00 am

What to fill the empty space inside you — your emotional black hole?


Scottish artist Scott Jarvie’s “Void Rug” creates an illusion of a gaping black hole on your living room floor, if viewed from a particular angle.

Black Hole Rug (3 images)

Available in circular or rectilinear forms, these tufted rugs are 100% merino wool and should, at the very least, seriously screw with the perceptions of your houseguests. 

In happier, non-existential design news, Jarvie’s also created the packaging for The Macallan 18 and a cool design concept for a power boat.

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