In Case You Needed a Tent You Can Park a Truck In

Or three queen beds and a stove. Dealer's choice.

April 26, 2017 9:00 am

Tent technology has advanced considerably in the past decade, mostly thanks to polyfibers that make shelters lighter, more durable and easier to pack for the long haul.

But can we take a second to appreciate the earthy awesomeness of tents made the old-fashioned way?

Stout Bell’s Overland 5000 is a hybrid of teepee and a classic safari-style yurt, stitched with a 10.1-oz. marine boat-shrunk, double-weave army-duck canvas, which basically means a weave so tight you could keep the Big Bad Wolf at bay.

overland tent (2 images)

At 10 feet high and 16.5 feet wide, you can also place three queen beds inside. There’s also a stove jack hole for a little wood-burning stove, making it simple and safe to warm the tent and kick off the morning with coffee in bed. It’ll take at least 15 minutes to erect — far longer than some newfangled options, which pop up in seconds — but it looks way cooler and is infinitely more comfy for a long-term situation.

Guess you could say its utility depends on your intent.

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