Sundays Makes Our New Favorite Coffee Table

Don't forget the coasters. This one demands your respect.

Two photos of a handsome coffee table superimposed on a colorful background.
Your living room deserves better. Start with the coffee table.

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When piecing together a living room, couches tend to take priority on both emotional energy and budgetary allotment. That’s fair enough. But coffee table consideration ought never be too far behind — the wrong one can leave a room feeling bloated, anachronistic or even mildly dangerous (think of those glassy ones with pointy, 90-degree corners). The right coffee table, meanwhile, can anchor the entire space. It can punctuate a design intention, offer additional storage, play the role of auxiliary ottoman when the game’s on or all the above.

Among the wide world of overpriced online options and Facebook Marketplace finds, our favorite coffee table yet is Sundays Company’s Form Storage Coffee Table. After a month of living beside it (and sometimes atop it) in our living room, I can confirm that it checks all the criteria listed above, plus a longer laundry list of positive attributes.

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What is Sundays Company?

Sundays is a brand started by four furniture industry insiders, who also happened to be friends and all happened to have families. They met every Sunday morning before launching a brand that would “bridge the gap between quality design and attainability.” It’s a good story, and their furniture lives up to it.

We’d compare their approach to an elevated basics clothing brand or a New American cafe. You might deride the creators in their bid for mass-approach popularity before realizing you’re partial to the stuff yourself. Sundays makes handsome, non-fussy furniture that sometimes borders on beautiful.

Why It Works

And the quality is clearly there, too. The Form Storage Coffee Table is as heavy as something you’d find in a Baby Boomer’s basement — it’s built from solid wood (which is Rainforest Alliance certified, by the way), and coated in the veneer of your preference (oak, walnut, etc).

I’ve found myself impressed by the hardware-free drawers, the rounded edges and the open-air shelving on the other end. The thing is an economical four feet-ish across, it’s easy to clean (thanks to several inches of clearance from the ground) and most importantly, it’s the sort of piece I can envision in different types of rooms, in different types of homes.

Subjectivity is important in home and design, so maybe this one isn’t for you. But then, so is quality. And you could do worse than plopping something really simple and well-made in the very middle of your home. A bonus: you won’t even have to do the plopping. Sundays provides complimentary in-home delivery and assembly at no extra charge.

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