The Ultimate Reading Chair Has Its Own Bookshelf, Magazine Rack

Make some space in the sunroom

August 6, 2018 9:00 am

Remember May? When you hashed out a summer reading list of six or seven titles and ordered each in paperback off Amazon? You were ready to conquer the world.

Well, it’s August now, patron month of humidity and overpriced flights, and you’ve still got a few thousand pages to read. Perfect for helping you accomplish just that: the Pack Horse Chair from one-horse furniture studio Benso.

Designed by journalist-turned-craftsman Michael Cooper, the Pack Horse is a vibrant, thoughtfully appointed lounge chair with an integrated bookshelf and rope-stitched magazine racks. Cooper constructed the chair using European oak, reclaimed wood from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, merino-wool felt and cotton rope.

benso (4 images)

And man, would we love to plop down in this thing and get lost in a good book.

Reading outside in the summer is overrated; the endless mosquito swatting and that aforementioned humidity are partly to blame. Plus, while the beach is always good for a flipping pages, more pressing distractions (re: crashing waves, frozen margs) often take the cake.

Thus, we endorse the Pack Horse, ideal for a breezy front porch or wide-windowed sunroom. Now go finish that 800-page Woodrow Wilson biography so you can start a mystery novel set in Miami.

To commission your own Pack Horse Chair, get in touch with Michael Cooper here.

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