The Perfect Gift for That Person Who Will Not Shut Up About “The Beatles: Get Back”

If this person is really into playing cards, even better

December 9, 2021 12:10 pm
The Perfect Gift for That Person Who Will Not Shut Up About “The Beatles: Get Back”

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Have you seen The Beatles: Get Back? If not, please stop reading this article, go subscribe to Disney+ if you need to, and watch it immediately. Do this even if you don’t really care about the Beatles (which would be odd given the headline of this article, but you never know). It is a goddamn delight and will change your life for the better.

Doubtlessly, your correspondent is not the first person in your life to advocate for the above (brilliant) Beatles docuseries in this manner, and thus I come to you with the perfect holiday gift for those friends and loved ones who (understandably) will not stop talking about it — theory11 has recently released a box set of premium playing cards paying homage to the Fab Four, and they are, in a word, gorgeous.

theory11 Beatles playing card set

For anyone unfamiliar with theory11, they are a consortium of the world’s foremost magic creators who, in addition to leading the conversation in the world of prestidigitation, also happen to be the biggest producer of luxury playing cards. Because, you know, magicians be needing playing cards. 

Said cards are also great for non-magical pursuits, so whether the Beatlemaniac in your life is practicing sleight of hand or just drinking Scotch and playing hold ‘em (or both), they make for a supremely handsome gift. Additionally, nice playing cards are one of those things no one ever thinks to buy for themselves, which is always a gifting plus.

Artwork on the back of a theory11 Beatles playing card

Back to the box set: produced in collaboration with The Beatles’ Apple Corps, the set features four decks in technicolor hues inspired by the quartet’s eye-catching, military-on-acid Sgt. Pepper uniforms. Between the vibrant colorways, multi-level embossing and gold foil accents, these are playing cards that your giftee will want to leave out as decoration even when not in use.

And when he/she does break them out for a game, players will notice that the card designs themselves are rife with references to Beatles songs, lyrics and iconography — naturally all four kings are the members of the band, and the tripped-out “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” queen is a personal fave.

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds queen of diamonds theory11 Beatles playing card

All four decks are housed together in an elegant ivory and gold foil box with a magnetic closure and the iconic Sgt. Pepper inner gatefold photograph on the interior flap. It also bears noting that the cards can be purchased without the gift box, but in your correspondent’s humble opinion it’s worth the splurge purely for the moment of delight that comes with flipping the lid open for the first time.

Either way, you’re gonna be able to say, “Well, you just wouldn’t shut up about Get Back, so…”

theory11 Beatles playing cards box set

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