Ark Shelter’s New Cabin Lets You Choose Your Own View

Tired of the vista? Slide the panels around for a new one.

October 5, 2018 9:00 am

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. It applies to beer, Double Stuf Oreos and even a great view. Stare at the same bonkers backcountry vista for too long, and you might start to take it for granted.

Making sure your time in nature is always uncompromising? The tiny-living kings at Ark Shelter, with their latest concept, the shapeshifting (and view-changing) “Into the Wild” cabin. 

cabin (4 images)

The Into the Wild retains the thoughtful, stripped-back features of Ark’s first micro-home — laminated spruce wood and a stained black exterior — but this one comes with several tricks up its sleeve. The heavily-windowed cabin comes with a variety of wooden panels that can be manuevered into different positions, ensuring your view always feels fresh, and that you’re maximizing natural light. 

It’s a creative twist among a litany of tiny home concepts, and one that should make the cabin feel flexible and a bit more alive, if not larger. Plus, it further emphasizes the whole point of these cabins — the outdoors. Sure, they come with a kitchenette, shower, bed and hidden hot tub (!), but proper Ark living is waking up somewhere that doesn’t know a tweet from an email. 

Head here to stay abreast of news on the new cabin, part of Ark’s Nature Merger line (which is still a concept), and make sure to follow them on social as well for updates.

All images from Ark Shelter  

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