Finally, the Roof-Mounted Reprieve You’ve Been Waiting For

You go first

November 29, 2017 9:00 am

In the urban landscape, rooftops are prime real estate. Which isn’t news to you, considering how hard it is to find a seat at your favorite rooftop bar even after temps have dropped.

But the top of your own abode is just as ripe for use, and the Monade Capsule is a perfect addition to swanky lofts and ancient apartments alike.

A cylindrical fiberglass shelter, the capsule has a 90-degree swath cut out to anchor it to a flat roof and facade of a building. A door opens up for you to crawl inside, and a transparent panel looking outward allows for light and those prime city views.

Monade Capsule (4 images)

While the Monade can hold up to five people, it may be a challenge to convince anyone to hang out in an opaque snail shell hanging over the edge of your building. So think of it as your personal retreat. That said, it was designed with strength in mind.

“The project is inspired by minimal living spaces designed for extreme conditions, such as mountain huts, spaceships, submarines and bunkers,” writes creator Alice Bleton on her website. “It’s a shared space where people gather to protect themselves from the outside climate.”

A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Bleton exhibited the Monade at Dutch Design Week. As such, it’s not yet available for purchase — which is for the best. Let someone else be the guinea pig. 

Photos via Alice Bleton

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