These Tables Are Far Out, Maaan

By The Editors
April 11, 2017 9:00 am

If your correspondent built a coffee table inspired by his surroundings, it’d be oppressively small, dark and smelly. (Welcome to New York!)

Thankfully, our friend Alexandre Chapelin doesn’t live in New York — he lives on a tiny Caribbean island surrounded by pristine beaches and deep blue waters.

And with that backdrop for inspiration, he’s crafted La Table, a series of stunning counters and consoles that’ll brighten up any living room.

Best part? He’ll make one just for you.

Chapelin started La Table in 2015 from his Saint Martin studio. We’re serious about the surrounding waters inspiring him: just to taunt us, he’ll post photos of his beautiful island abode with the caption “Inspiration.”

Table (6 images)

These tables (including his latest model, Hamilton 23) are sculpted from a special resin, a single piece of Travertine marble and wood. The topographical layers create the impression of the sea levitating in your living room.

“The concept of La Table is to create unique, artistic, attractive designs that fit to their future owners as much as possible,” says Chapelin. “As far as the soul and the story are there, it is rather simple: we need to collect pieces of wood, old motors, alloys, recycled material, and those parts have to have extremely souped-up visual graphics to be as attractive to the eye as possible.”

All tables are made to order after a consultation with Chapelin. According to the designer, prices range from €12,000 (about $12,700) for the Lagoon 5 to €58,000 for the Starry Sea 5 (which uses a rechargeable LED system for 300 hours of illumination you can control from your smartphone).

Might want to invest in some coasters, too.

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