Vehicles | July 1, 2022 1:58 pm

Ducati Announces Its First Electric Motorcycle

The MotoE, or V21L, will be competing next year

Ducati MotoE
The Ducati MotoE.

The race to develop and perfect electric vehicles is one where storied companies coexist alongside startups relatively new to the space. And while most of the discussion of electric vehicles has, quite understandably, focused on those of the four-wheel variety, one shouldn’t overlook the work being done to wean motorcycles off of fossil fuels.

Among the companies that have unveiled electric motorcycle designs are Energica and Segway. The latest to do so is one of the most beloved names in motorcycles: Ducati. As Autoblog reports, Ducati just announced its MotoE prototype — which will be competing beginning next year in the FIM MotoE World Cup.

Autoblog’s article has some relevant details about how the prototype, known as the V21L, will fit into the racing landscape. It’s just under 500 pounds in weight, less than both the maximum weight for MotoE motorcycles next season and the Energica cycles currently used for the competition.

“As soon as I sat on the bike I realized the quality of the work done by the team and when I returned to the garage I felt a deep sense of pride for what we were once again able to achieve,” Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali said in a statement.

The V21L is the product of a collaboration between the Ducati and Ducati Course design teams. It’s capable of reaching speeds of 275 kilometers per hour (or just over 170 mph). Ducati R & D Director Vincenzo De Silvio noted that the work on this prototype will pave the way for a commercially-available electric motorcycle as well.

“Helping the company’s internal expertise to grow is already essential today to be ready when the time comes to put the first street electric Ducati into production,” De Silvio said.