Travel | February 23, 2021 12:24 pm

Positive for COVID-19? One Resort Will Fly You Home on a Private Jet.

Or you can stay for free until you test negative (but please don't travel)

Baha Mar
This Bahamas resort will send you home via private jet if you test positive for Covid
Courtesy of Baha Mar

If you test positive for COVID-19 while on vacation — side note, don’t travel yet — one place won’t necessarily quarantine you. They’ll send you home on a private jet.

As reported by Travel + Leisure, the Nassau, Bahamas resort Baha Mar will give COVID-positive guests a choice of either a complimentary private jet to fly home or a free, up-to-14-day stay in a suite with a daily dining credit of $150 per person (a guest with a negative test can leave earlier). They’re dubbing this the “Travel with Confidence” initiative, and the resort claims to be the only place making such an offer.

The caveats: You have to test positive during your stay, not before you arrive. And Baha Mar must be the first destination visited upon entering the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. As well, the country has its own protocols you need to follow: According to T+L, travelers must test negative for COVID-19 within five days of their trip and apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa, then take a second (rapid antigen) test during the fifth day of their visit.

To help facilitate all that, the resort already offers complimentary rapid antigen testing both upon arrival and prior to departure (employees are also tested weekly). While at the resort, there is also mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing in public areas.

Baha Mar isn’t the only resort going to such safety measures to get guests back in; many Caribbean-based resorts are now offering free return COVID tests on location to all guests as an added amenity, and one resort in St. Lucia is also offering complimentary accommodations and meals for anyone who gets COVID while at the resort.

Again, the thought and safety measures are nice, and we’re itchin’ to travel somewhere, but we really suggest waiting until measures like these aren’t a selling point.