Top WWE Wrestler Calls Rob Gronkowski a “F*cking Clown”

Apparently the 31-year-old was not popular in the WWE locker room

Rob Gronkowski Is a "F*cking Clown" Says Top WWE Wrestler
Rob Gronkowski attends Gronk on February 1, 2020. (Jason Koerner/Getty)
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By Evan Bleier / June 4, 2020 11:20 am

No matter how well he fares playing with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, it may have been smart for Rob Gronkowski to return to the NFL. As popular as the star tight end has been in the NFL locker room throughout his career, that apparently did not carry over during his time as a pro wrestler.

According to Wrestling News, many within the WWE were upset with the 31-year-old after his unwillingness to do a stunt during the filming of WrestleMania in April that put the production two hours behind schedule.

“Even those with a reputation of being easy, helpful, and good to work with, all had negative things to say about working with Gronk after his WrestleMania fiasco,” Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported.

One top wrestler, who wasn’t named, took it a step farther and called Gronkowski “a fucking clown who we are so much better off without.”

Gronkowski, whose reign as the 24/7 champ came to an end earlier this month, has left the WWE altogether after exercising a clause in his contract.

“According to a source familiar with the situation, Gronkowski had a release clause in his contract that he exercised since he is returning to the NFL to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this upcoming season,” Wrestling Inc reports. “While Gronkowski could likely make some appearances for the company, he will not be wrestling for them in the near future. While Gronkowski has no other obligations to WWE, he can’t work for another wrestling company for a set period of time as part of the release clause.”

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