Sports | June 27, 2020 6:45 am

Seattle Seahawks’ Greg Olsen Makes Foray Into Podcasting

The podcast "TE1" is set to air this summer

Greg Olsen
Greg Olsen is making a foray into podcasting.
Sgt. Leticia Samuels, North Carolina National Guard Public Affairs

For some professional football players, just playing the game isn’t enough to keep them busy. Marshawn Lynch joined the cast of Westworld for its third season, and turned in a solid supporting performance in the process. JJ Watt showcased his comic chops while guest hosting Saturday Night Live earlier this year. And they’re not alone: Seattle’s Greg Olsen looks to be the next NFL player making a foray into media.

At The Washington Post, Ben Strauss reports that Olsen has begun hosting a new podcast — one with a focus on football and its histories and personalities:

Olsen has recorded a seven-episode series called “TE1” with Blue Wire, a sports podcast company, featuring long-form interviews with some of football’s greatest tight ends, including Mike Ditka, Shanon Sharpe, Ozzie Newsome and George Kittle. The episodes last around an hour each and cover the lives and careers of the interview subjects.

While the podcast itself is new, Olsen isn’t a stranger to broadcasting. He’s offered up game day analysis before, and has spoken about his interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting after his gridiron career has come to and end.

According to Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones, TE1 will debut later this summer.

Conducting a long-form interview is no easy task, and Olsen’s work in this space should be both entertaining and a good calling card for when he makes his move into media full-time. And for those who like their sports media hyper-focused, a look inside the specific skills it takes to make it as a tight end certainly fits that bill.

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