Health & Fitness | March 6, 2020 10:13 am

There Is Now a Coronavirus Pop-Up Shop in Washington, DC

Sales haven't exactly been booming yet, however

Five bottles of hand sanitizer
Bottles of hand sanitizer are a hot commodity in the age of the novel coronavirus.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, people are stockpiling supplies like hand sanitizer and masks (despite the fact that those surgical masks don’t actually protect healthy people from contracting airborne illnesses). And as the Associated Press points out, one shrewd entrepreneur in Washington, D.C. has taken advantage of the demand and opened up her own coronavirus pop-up shop.

Adilisha Patrom, 29, sells masks for between $5 and $20 as well as prevention kits she has put together that include masks, surgical gloves and hand sanitizer for $20 to $30. But she told the Associated Press she’s not an opportunist looking to make a buck; she says she’s doing a service to the community, and she offers discounts to senior citizens and those in need.

“I just feel so blessed to have, just to have the ability” to stock up on supplies and open up the shop, she said.

However, it seems as though most people who have visited the shop so far are mostly just seeking information. Patrom told the AP that since opening early this week, she has only made three sales so far. Most people just come in and leave with a fact sheet about the virus and prevention from Centers for Disease Control.

“I think people haven’t started freaking out yet,” she said. “A lot of people are just waiting for that first (local case).”

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