Gadgets | November 27, 2020 2:15 pm

Drone Discovers Dog Lost in Woods For 10 Days

An unexpected path to a heartwarming reunion

Turns out drones might be helpful in locating lost pets.
Jason Blackeye/Unsplash

If you have a drone, there are plenty of things that you can use it for. For photographers or videographers, they’ve made aerial photography much more accessible, and allow for amazing images taken from the air. For those with an inquisitive mindset, drones can be used to explore remote or hard-to-reach locations, expanding the range of information on hand about the world aroudn us.

And sometimes, it turns out, they can help locate lost pets.

ABC News has the story of one Brian James, who had an unorthodox (but effective) way of helping a family find their lost golden retriever puppy. James came upon a flyer online with a description of Meadow, a puppy belonging to the Morgan family, who had gone missing in some nearby woods over a week earlier.

James is both a drone enthusiast and a hiking guide — a good set of skills to have when looking for someone or something in the woods. According to ABC News, he brought his drone to the woods where Meadow had last been seen and used it to view the ground for anything that looked out of order. Something white and furry, for instance.

James found Meadow in the location where the drone had directed him; he recovered the dog and returned her to her family. All told, it’s a high-tech solution to a problem that’s existed for as long as humans have kept pets.