Food & Drink | October 14, 2020 12:07 pm

Your Next Pizza May Be Cooked in a Vending Machine and Delivered by a Cute Robot

Piestro and Kiwibot offer up a contactless food delivery future

Piestro and Kiwibot announce robot pizza making and delivery partnership
Piestro and Kiwibot announce a robot pizza making and delivery partnership.
Courtesy of Piestro and Kiwibot

Some companies are taking contactless delivery to new extremes.

Startups Piestro (robot-powered pizza vending machines) and Kiwibot (food delivery robots) just announced a new collaboration where customers could potentially order a pie and have it delivered without ever communicating with or even seeing another human being.

As The Spoon notes, the soon-to-market Piestro “will feature an integrated mechanism that allows Kiwibots to pluck those pizzas from the machine and cart them directly to your door.”

A press release sheds more light on how the delivery would work. “Through an in-app order and purchase, customers can select their preferred pizza design. The order is registered with Kiwibot and a bot is deployed to a Piestro location, where the pizza has been made through automation and timed to dispense upon arrive for maximum freshness and quality. Kiwibot picks up the pizza and delivers directly to the consumers, creating a fully contactless experience from the time your pizza is made, to the moment in hand.”

Unfortunately, there is no timetable for our new robot pizza future. Piestro is in the midst of a crowdfunded investment campaign; Kiwibot, meanwhile, has started test programs for their robotic deliveries, most recently at the University of Denver.

Some advantages to this potential partnership: The pizza can be cooked in just three minutes, both the cooking and delivery could potentially be a 24/7 business and, after the initial machine investment, cost per pie would be radically reduced.