Booze | February 10, 2020 10:31 am

The World’s Largest Private Whisky Collection Is Up for Bids

"The Perfect Collection" could fetch over $10 million

A Macallan bottle from 1926 is currently at $1 million in bids
Whisky Auctioneer

The quintessential collection of whisky is now available at auction, and it’s gonna be a record-breaker.

Aptly dubbed “The Perfect Collection,” the 1,945 bottle lot is being sold off by Whisky Auctioneer now through February 17. Hailed as the “largest and most unprecedented private collection of whisky to ever be offered for public sale,” the Collection is actually being sold in two parts, with the second 1900+ bottle allotment up for grabs starting April 10. Estimates for the entire run hover around a record-breaking $10 million.

“It’s the single largest individual collection ever to be brought to auction,” as Whisky Auctioneer founder Iain McClune tells Forbes. “It’s the largest in terms of volume, and in value. It’s the largest collection of Bowmore, Springbank and Macallan bottles. It’s a momentous occasion.”

Speaking of Macallan, the highest current bid (by far) is over $1 million for that distillery’s 1926 Valerio Adami 60 Year Old. Forty bottles of the liquid where drawn from cask #263 in 1986, sixty years after entering the warehouse. Of those bottles, 12 were labelled by Adami, the famed Italian painter.

You can register for the auction here, and you can read more about the highlights of the auction from our preview.

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