Do You Live in One of the World’s Kinkiest Cities?

A recent study ranked three US hotspots among the kinkiest cities in the world

Photo of Las Vegas Strip shows fountain, hotels and Eiffel Tower at blue hour
They don't call it Sin City for nothing

If I told you that I live in one of the world’s kinkiest cities, (which, according to a recent study, I do) you might say that kinkiness is in the eye of the beholder. You might also question whether a non-sentient entity like a city can really be kinky. But in a time when pretty much anything can be described as “horny,” I don’t really see any reason a city can’t be kinky. Apparently, online booze retailer The Bottle Club agrees, because they’ve designed a system to determine exactly what makes a city kinky, and which ones are the kinkiest.

Per the study results, three U.S. cities — Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles — are among the world’s kinkiest. Vegas and New York ranked particularly high, claiming the number two and number four slots, respectively, while L.A. ranked as the 12th kinkiest city in the world. London took the crown as the world’s kinkiest city, while Berlin beat New York for the number three slot and Madrid rounded out the top five.

The purported kink experts over at The Bottle Club based their rankings on a scoring system of 40 points, which evaluated each city’s overall kink profile across four categories: the number of kink- and sex-friendly events and locales in each city, the number of “kinky people” involved in local kink or fetish communities, the city’s presence on OnlyFans and similar sites, and the number of porn stars who have adopted the city’s name as part of their own.

Unsurprisingly, Vegas received the highest score of any city in the latter category, coming in at a perfect 10 for porn-name inspiration. While New York scored a zero in that category, the world’s fourth kinkiest city made up for its lack of porn-name potential with its thriving population of kinky folks and OnlyFans performers. Besides New York and London — which the study authors hail as a perhaps surprisingly lascivious city “full of salacious historical spots and risqué events” — L.A. was the only other city to score a perfect 10 on the OnlyFans meter, though it seems the Hollywood elite fall behind in terms of personal kinkiness.

So if you live in the one of the world’s kinkiest cities, congrats; go forth and take advantage of all the kinky potential your home town has to offer. And if you don’t happen to enjoy the privilege of calling one of the world’s kinkiest cities home, remember that kink is everywhere. After all, they even have sex parties in Wisconsin.

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