The Top After Hours Joints for Party-Mad College Students

Waitress, can you possibly split the bill 11 ways?

By The Editors
September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Man, remember college?

Whiling away the hours playing hacky in the quad. Cramming for midterms. Getting so much enthusiastic consent that your roommate asks for a new placement…

And most of all, hitting a beloved after-hours joint for pizza, gyros, pancakes or whatever’s handy — and discoursing on Big Ideas like Existentialism with your friends.

Foursquare recently crunched the numbers to determine just where students go when the keg runs dry, and the answers are, well, sobering. 

To pull the data, the coders looked at the behavior of users of the recommendation app and its related check-in app, Swarm, based on an age range of 17 to 25. They limited the establishments to spots near the campuses of the top-ranked party schools (as determined by US News and World Report and Princeton Review). And then they plugged in a time-frame of midnight to 4:00 am. 

Since college kids are worldly and curious, you might expect they’d hang out in charming hole-in-the-wall, off-the-beaten-path type joints. Nope. Buffalo Wild Wings? Qdoba Mexican Eats? Taco Bell? Our hearts ache for the new generation of undergrads. So do our stomachs. That said, there are a few cool neighborhood joints that still attract the academic set. Foursquare has plotted the results on a handy interactive map. Have a look.

All we know is, somebody’s getting an A in data science. 

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