What Big and Tall Dudes Can Learn From the Draft’s Best Dressed

You're strong like bull. Your suiting game should be, too.

April 29, 2016 9:00 am

Ah, the NFL Draft.

Used to be a bunch of old farts behind closed doors haggling for rookies. Then somewhere between your grandpa and Snapchat, it became the three-day media bonanza it is today.

Know what else comes with a bunch of budding kids on the brink of becoming millionaires? Their first opportunity to show the world whether they know how to dress or not.

We’re talking Draft Day Suits.

If you’re also of the superhuman ilk — aka a man with an athletic build — it might serve you well to take some notes. Below, what you can learn from the best dressed from day one of the Draft.

Ezekiel Elliott
Do This: The Ohio State running back’s powerful frame is served well by a soft-shouldered powder blue tux jacket. Shawl lapels help proportion his square jaw with the rest of his body. Elliot made the most waves, however, by turning his dress shirt into a crop top for the red carpet.

Don’t Do This: Sport a crop-top dress shirt. We don’t care if it’s your signature thing. Time to grow up, sonny.

Corey Coleman
Do This: By suit alone, you can say the Cleveland Browns’ first-round pick is an understated classic man. Coleman demonstrates how a wide-notch lapel can do wonders for proportion.

Don’t Do This: Coleman’s jacket is brought in a smidge too narrow. The key to a balanced silhouette is minimizing the appearance of the upper body, but compensating too much leads to an hourglass figure (you don’t want that).

Ronnie Stanley
Do This: A suit cut so well it can handle celebratory dabs. Stanley’s textured jacket is a fine subtle choice that draws attention to his fit, but not his size. The two-button option helps elongate his chest and the black pants slim him down.

Don’t Do This: Dab so hard you rip your suit.

Laremy Tunsil
Do This: It’s gotta be the shoes. As with all things for athletic builds, Tunsil kept it balanced from head to toe, including his eye-catching gold-spiked slip-ons. While we don’t necessarily endorse something this loud loud, statement-making shoes help make the body look correctly proportioned.

Don’t Do This: Let someone record you taking a rip from a gas-mask bong. Never a good look.

Jalen Ramsey
Do This: A three-piece suit. The no. 5 overall pick does it well. The vest helps fill in the waist so it looks balanced with the chest. Plus: three-pieces are just a good look. And like Tunsil, Ramsey’s bold shoes finish off the outfit in high style.

Don’t Do This: Bring headphones to the red carpet. This ain’t game day.

Image via AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

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