Watch Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden Bully Trump in “SNL” NATO Sketch

The sketch reimagines the world leaders as sneering cool kids

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden Bully Trump in “SNL” NATO Sketch

This week’s Saturday Night Live cold open brought in some special guests to poke fun at the fact that several world leaders were caught on a hot mic making fun of Donald Trump at a NATO event earlier this week: Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden all stopped by to reimagine the politicians as the cool kids in a cafeteria, with Alec Baldwin’s Trump as their target.

Fallon played Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, while Rudd did his best Wet Hot American Summer-esque smirk while carrying a cafeteria tray to play French president Emmanuel Macron. Corden, naturally, donned a messy blonde wig to play British prime minister Boris Johnson, portraying him as desperate to maintain his recently earned seat at the cool kids’ table — even if it means cutting ties with Trump.

The three bully Trump, whose lunch tray is full of an absurd amount of plain hamburgers in a spot-on sight gag, refusing to let him sit at their table, making fun of him behind his back and eventually taping an “IMPEACH ME” sign on his back.

Eventually, Cecily Strong appears as Melania Trump to deliver an anti-bullying PSA: “Bullying is a serious problem, especially against President Trump,” she says. “It’s not nice, he would never do it to you. So please, European leaders, be best.” You can watch the sketch in its entirety below.

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