Graham Slam

At InsideHook, we’ve got no problem with the beach. Hell, we just wrote you a whole guide to doing it properly.

But there comes a midsummer point (usually around the end of July) when a brief change of pace is in order. A swap of sandy shores for wooded wilds, if just for one weekend.

Hence: The Graham & Co., a rustic Catskills getaway hosting their first annual “Phoenicia Flea” the weekend of July 26th.

To be fair, TG&C is an idyllic ramble for any ol’ weekend — it’s tucked in the Upstate hamlet of Phoenicia and sports cozy, wood-walled digs, a spring-fed pool set amid stunning forest vistas, a garage saloon for breeze shootin’ and bonfires complete with outdoor movie screenings under the night sky.

A short ride on Graham’s complimentary cruisers turns up a murderers’ row of local haunts and jaunts – hard to beat a shrimp-and-grits skillet at Phoenicia Diner followed by whitewater tubing down Esopus Creek.

But come the 26th, Graham plays host to a market of Hudson Valley artisans hawking their wares. Expect man-groomin’ kits from Hudson Made, handmade furniture from Materia Designs and local hooch from Coppersea Distillery.

More than enough reasons for a change of pace.


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