Move aside, Trump. There’s a new Contender in town.

Cards Against Humanity, election-style.

By The Editors
August 21, 2015 9:00 am

No matter your political leanings, this next election cycle should bring out the worst in everyone.

And since candidates are making a game of it — that’s what Trump is doing, right? How #DeezNuts? — so too should you.

Enter The Contender.

Dubbed “the game of political debate,” The Contender is a Cards Against Humanity-style assault on the American political process.

Purposely nonsensical (and non-partisan), it pits a rotating debate moderator against players acting as rather unhinged presidential nominees.

The player’s goal? Answer any of the moderator’s debate topics (immigration, the economy, women voters, religion) with a card featuring your “best” answer … all of which are loosely based on actual political quotes from the likes of Michele Bachmann, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden (and, yes, Trump).

The more ludicrous, the better. You can even string two or more cards together to get a glorious free-form response (“If we deregulate women, then everyone can have women”).

The initial box, already fully funded on Kickstarter and arriving in December, comes with 34 topic cards and 330 argument responses.

But pay a bit more and go for the expansion packs. You’ll receive one politically incorrect deck (e.g., “We’re sick of your shit”; “Fuck you. Or not.”) and another based on real quotes from the 2016 candidates.

Thinking this one might make the cut.

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