The 13 must-see films of the summer

No fluff. No Terminator sequels.

By The Editors
April 24, 2015 9:00 am

Nearly a hundred films will battle for your attention this summer.1

Sequels, remakes, reimaginings: they all promise something bigger and badder.

Sadly, they’re right. Emphasis on the badder.

So forget the excess and focus on this:

A New Hope: The 13 Must-See Films of the Summer, a list of great films both big and small, available now for your perusal.

Inside, we ignore the new Avengers (which seems pretty good) and Terminator (which doesn’t) and focus squarely on quality.

Among our summer viewing picks:

  • A film with the longest and most insane car chase in movie history

  • A dramatized tête-à-tête with David Foster Wallace

  • When Harry Met Sally … for a–holes”

No size requirement here. We love our blockbusters. We love our indies. You should enjoy both.

So enjoy our guide.

1 For movie studios, summer unofficially started in April with Furious 7 and officially starts May 1 with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Your solstice calendar may differ.

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