Sandra Lee Would Like Some Credit for Cuomo’s Same-Sex Marriage Law

Cuomo flaunted the 2011 marriage equality win during his resignation speech, failing to credit his ex's influence

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo attend 49th annual New York pride parade
Lee was reportedly influential in getting Cuomo to join the fight for marriage equality.
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Before leaving office for good, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took some time during Tuesday’s resignation speech to remind everyone of all the good things he did as governor while he wasn’t busy touching people, like legalizing same-sex marriage back in 2011.

“Just think about what we did. We passed marriage equality, creating a new civil right, legalized love for the LGBTQ community and we generated a force for change that swept the nation,” Cuomo offered as proof that his three terms in New York’s gubernatorial office weren’t a total waste.

Cuomo’s ex, Sandra Lee, is not having it, however. The Food Network star, who dated Cuomo for 14 years before their split in September 2019, was influential in convincing the governor to join the fight for marriage equality, and would reportedly like a little acknowledgment for her role in the win Cuomo is flaunting as his own. While Lee herself is far too busy quietly flexing on her disgraced ex with her new beau to bother getting involved, sources tell the New York Post that Lee — who was still blissfully traipsing about St. Tropez with her new man when she heard of her old one’s resignation — was pretty peeved by Cuomo’s lack of public recognition for her influence.

“Sandra was the one to fight for same-sex marriage, and she had to keep hounding Andrew to do it,” a source told the Post. “It was all Sandra, and for Andrew to take credit is so crass. What a jerk.”

Lee’s contributions to the 2011 marriage equality bill Cuomo helped sign into law were acknowledged publicly at the time, with the New York Times noting the celebrity chef’s passionate support for LGBTQ issues, inspired in part by her brother, Johnny. “The pressure did not let up at home. Mr. Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee, has a gay brother, and she frequently reminded the governor how much she wanted the law to change,” the Times wrote back in 2011.

Friends of Lee also called out Cuomo’s lack of any public apology to his ex, who has reportedly found the revelations of Cuomo’s alleged infidelity and sexual misconduct during their relationship “tremendously horrible and painful,” per Page Six. While Cuomo offered an apology to the 11 accusers he “offended” — while still denying the sexual harassment allegations — “Sandra is the only person who Andrew didn’t say sorry to,” a source told the Post.

Fortunately for Sandra Lee, she is currently busy celebrating her now-definitive breakup win with her new, non-problematic man instead of having to play wifey to a disgraced former governor, which, in my opinion, seems better than a half-baked public apology .

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