Deal: Samsung’s Frame TVs Are So Nice They’re Literally Art

And they’ve never been cheaper (but for today only)

Samsung Frame

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Your cultural elite friends who “don’t even own a TV” are missing out on some fine art.

Witness Samsung’s The Frame TV, first announced in 2017. When you’re not watching a show on the wall-mounted 4K set, the TV displays a rotating selection of artwork; you can “buy” individual pieces or subscribe to a library of different works. 

As well, the video and the power cable are combined into one slim, nearly invisible cable, the unit fits snug against the wall and the actual frame of the, er, Frame can be customized (“walnut” is an option), so the illusion of owning a physical piece of hanging art is preserved.

Samsung Frame

The specs are pretty darn nice, too: A billion shades of color and 4x the resolution of Full HD. 

The 2019 43” model is currently just under $800 and and 49”, 55” and 65” are all $400-$500 off — the lowest prices any of these have ever been.

The catch? You only have today to buy ‘em at this low price. [Editor’s note: The sale was expected to last only until Tuesday night, but as of Wednesday morning the discounts are still available.]

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