Obama’s 45-Minute Workout Playlist Has Dad Written All Over It

Here's how the POTUS gets pumped up for a pump sesh

By The Editors
October 19, 2016 9:00 am

Too busy to work out, you say?

If the leader of the free world can set aside 45 minutes to stay fit, we’re pretty sure you can, too.

Serving as a guest editor for Wired’s November issue, President Obama shared his workout playlist — 10 songs clocking in at 44 minutes — and while there are some good tunes in there (Courtney Barnett and Forro in the Dark FTW), it’s a little too eclectic for its own good. Eclectic insofar as it’s clearly the work of a man who used to listen a lot of good music but has become so busy that the only new stuff he gets down with is either A) super mainstream or B) something his kids probably showed ’em.

You’ve got your classics (Nina Simone, The Isley Brothers, Bob Marley).

You’ve got your Top-40 fare (Jay Z, Beyoncé).

And then you’ve got your, “Dad, stop trying so hard” (Black-Eyed Peas, Icona Pop).

This isn’t the first time Barack has mixed it up. He shared his favorite summer tunes earlier this year.

But let’s ignore the merits of the man’s musical taste and focus on what’s most important here: the busiest man in America is exceeding the national goal for daily physical activity, which, according to the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign, means being active 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week, for six out of every eight weeks.

Check out the playlist below, then hit that gym. 

Photo: Flickr/White House

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