Here Are the 10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Round of Beers

Including Dubai, home of the $50 round

July 31, 2017 9:00 am

When we saw someone had taken the trouble to calculate the 10 most expensive cities to buy a round of drinks are, we figured it would prove useful.

Then we saw the survey’s conductors (a team from Honest Coffees) and their definition of a “round” of drink: one beer, one coffee, one bottle of water and one Coke. That’s not a round of drinks. That’s a college student’s survival pack for an all-nighter at the library.

While it’s mildly helpful to know a “PG” round would cost the most in Paris ($18), what we — and everyone else ever — had hoped to find out is what city charges the most for four R-rated drinks.

So we got out our abacuses, converted some currency and, voila, here are the actual 10 most expensive cities to buy a round of four beers:

  1. Dubai ($46.18)
  2. Hong Kong ($32.24)
  3. Paris ($32.29)
  4. New York ($32.03)
  5. Singapore ($31.66)
  6. Chicago ($27.45)
  7. Melbourne ($26.87)
  8. London ($26.24)
  9. Tokyo ($24.77)
  10.  Los Angeles and Sydney ($24.72)

Next time we see you in Dubai, drinks are on you.

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