The Most Dateable Jobs for Men, According to Tinder

We've got good news for you Gaylord Fockers out there

August 31, 2016 9:00 am

Turns out there’s more to right-swiping than just a pretty face.

Another important part of your Tinder profile? Your employer.

Earlier this year, Tinder released a list of the most dateable jobs across the country. And now they’ve done the same for New York.

Gotham’s stats differ quite a bit from the rest of the country’s. Whereas the most dateable job for males across America was a pilot, New York women fell most frequently for engineers.

The most surprising deviation? Male nurses. RNs didn’t even crack the top 15 on the national list, but took the third spot for New York.

Other jobs that can help you get a date in New York are less surprising. Finance, education, software development: all in there. Chefs, musicians, writers, architects and firefighters made it as well.

Oh, and personal trainers. But that probably has more to do with the pics than the résumé.

Image via: IMDB Photo by Andrew Cooper – © 2002 – Dreamworks LLC

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