Mark Wahlberg Wants Everyone to Know He Did Not Give Tom Holland a Sex Toy

Wahlberg has clarified that the Power Plate Pulse massager he gave his costar is for workout recovery only

Mark Wahlberg attends the Netflix Premiere Spenser Confidential at Westwood Village Theatre on February 27, 2020 in Westwood, California.
Just a guy who didn't give his costar a sex toy.
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Netflix

Mark Wahlberg would like to make one thing very clear: he did not give his Uncharted co-star/noted short king Tom Holland a sex toy. It was a massage gun, one that is strictly “for muscle recovery, nothing else,” Wahlberg clarified in a recent Instagram video showing off the massage tool in question, the Power Plate Pulse.

Wahlberg apparently felt compelled to clear up any confusion surrounding the workout recovery tool he gifted his costar after Holland admitted he initially thought the massager was for “self-pleasure” during an interview with Access Hollywood last week.

“Mark Wahlberg was kind enough to give me a massage gun after I left his house in L.A. and he drove me back to my hotel,” Holland said. “I was confused as to what kind of massage gun this was, having never seen one before, and I thought it was the type of self-pleasure.”

The star then joked that the seemingly erotic nature of the gift left him wondering about Wahlberg’s intentions. “I thought Mark Wahlberg was driving me back to my house for other reasons other than just being a gentleman.” After all, he added, “It’s Hollywood, baby. Who knows what’s gonna happen?”

While Wahlberg has since clarified that the massage gun is nothing more than a manly post-workout tool for manly men and their sore man muscles, the use of post-workout massagers for self-pleasure is well documented. Last month, Vice even went as far as to declare the Theragun a sex toy, noting a growing demand for modified versions of the popular massager featuring butt plugs and dildos. (A spokesperson for Therabody told the outlet that while they are aware there is a community using Theragun for sexual pleasure, “we are a science backed company and do not have evidence to support the safety and efficacy of this type of use.”) It’s easy to see how Tom Holland may have gotten the wrong idea.

Still, regardless of whether or not Wahlberg’s gift to Holland technically counts as a sex toy, I, personally, would like to see the day when an upstanding straighty-straight Bostonian like Mark Wahlberg can feel free to gift sex toys to his male friends as he pleases. What kind of world do we live in if a couple of straight guys can’t give each other the gift of self-pleasure? The manliest thing you can do is take an interest in your friends’ quest for better solo orgasms.

Just kidding, obviously. But really, there isn’t and shouldn’t be anything wrong with a man gifting another man a sex toy. Straight women do it all the time. So as we shake off any lingering stigma surrounding male sex toys, I would like to see them normalized to the point where straight men feel as comfortable discussing and gifting each other butt plugs and strokers as they do workout gear.

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