California Landslides Left a Hole in Highway 1

Not a small one, either

Highway 1 is destroyed near Rat Creek after a landslide and heavy rains came through the area.
Gabrielle Lurie/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Highway 1 in California provides drivers with a fantastic view of the state’s coastline. It’s an almost archetypal place, the sort of roadway that comes to mind when you picture driving along the Pacific coast. Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular road trip destination. Those looking to travel the length of Highway 1 may want to put their travel plans on hold briefly, however, as there’s now a massive hole in it.

The hole in the highway developed as a result of landslides near Rat Creek, south of Big Sur. The landslides began to take their toll on the region on Thursday, and by Friday morning a large chunk of the road was simply gone. It can be a staggering sight to take in, though Jalopnik’s article on the damage notes that this kind of thing has happened to the highway before.

An article at SFGATE provides more details about the damaged highway and the ensuing road closure. Both the northbound and southbound lanes were affected; this was also the only stretch of the highway that was damaged.

The official term for this, for those who may be curious, is a “slip out.” As of Friday, engineers were looking into the extent of the damage and getting a repair plan together. Hopefully one of the country’s most beloved roadways won’t be damaged for long.

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