Keys/Wallet/Phone: Charge All the Things! Edition

Here are some things that will keep you out of the red forever

By The Editors
March 2, 2016 9:00 am

Keys/Wallet/Phone: the things you carry, your morning mantra. Here’s our guide to carrying them in style. This week: lead the charge with five devices that let you recharge your electronics on the go.

Hello Nomad Wallet and Hello Nomad Key

Standard wallet-sized with greater than standard wallet power. The Hello Nomad uses lithium-ion battery tech and compact micro circuits to create 2400mAH of high-density iPhone charging power that’ll fit in your back pocket. Paired with its sister key ring, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never fall into the red.

Seyvr Wallet and LMcable

Never fear, Galaxy users: for you, there’s Seyvr. Only 1400mAH of battery power here, but it’s quite the looker: the outer is constructed with buttery reinforced leather. Pair it with the LMcable, the first and last charging cord you’ll ever need.

Mophie Case

The definitive backup battery phone case. Choose from the Juice Pack Reserve for the most compact design, the Juice Pack Air for lightweight charging on the go, the Juice Pack Plus for ample power or the Juice Pack H2PRO for military-spec waterproof-ness. Galaxy users: Mophie’s got you covered with a Juice Pack for S6s and S7s.

The WonderCube  

A keyring named as such because it will have you wondering why it never existed before. No more tangling. No more mess. It functions as a cable, phone stand, USB, charger, LED torch, flash memory, emergency charger and sync tool. It’s the eight wonders of the utility world in one cubic inch.

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