Jim Meskimen Impersonating Christopher Walken Contemplating Expired Milk Is Great

“Sell by. Drink by. Who cares?”

By The Editors
October 7, 2016 9:00 am

Thanks to TMZ, social media and improperly used drones, we get to see into the lives of celebrities in more ways than we ever have before.

Still, even though we see their highs and lows, what we’re still missing is the creamy middles — which is where impression expert extraordinaire Jim Meskimen enters the equation.

In a brilliant bid to humanize our favorite celebs, Meskimen made a video of himself doing “nano impressions” of A-listers like Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and Jay Leno experiencing tiny moments like checking LinkedIn, getting a brain freeze and dealing with autocorrect.

Nailed it:

These are great, but we’d still love to see Meskimen’s take on his doppelganger, John McEnroe.

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