7 things to talk about at the water cooler this week

By The Editors
October 19, 2015 9:00 am

The art of small talk can make or break a working man. If you want to make friends and influence people, it’s important to be good at it. So once you and the gang get through the state of the market and yesterday’s scoreboard, pass on the weather and hit ‘em with a story they’ll forward to everyone they know. To assist: Icebreakers, seven under-the-radar talking points the most interesting man in the room will be talking about this week.

The Original Mailman

If you were waiting for a letter in 1850, you didn’t hold your breath. Meet John Thompson, who over the span of 20 years, carried mail through the mountains of California. On skis. By himself. Read on.

A Simple Test of Power

One tiny trial can tell you whether or not you think you’re a powerful man. So do ya, punk?. Read on.

The Sleep Myth

It’s a commonly held belief that humankind’s dependence on artificial light could be throwing off our circadian rhythms. But a new study shows that our ancestors may have gotten much less sleep than we originally thought — all without the distraction of Netflix and newswires. So are those eight hours really necessary after all? Read on.

Drinkeasy Easier

Another new service wants to make it easier for us to imbibe. This time by texting, “Hell Yes!” Read on.

Facebook, The Imperialist

Facebook wants to be on your TV. Will they succeed? Read on.

Snore Solution

A new company says it has cornered a niche bio-finding that’s allowed them to create a pillow that could keep you from sawing logs. Read on.

Fly Over the World’s Most Elaborate Skyline

Thanks to Google, a trip over Hong Kong is now just a click away. Read on.

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