The First Actual, Physical Hyperloop Prototype Has Arrived

Does this look like a train that goes 620 MPH?

October 2, 2018 9:00 am

We’ve been hearing about Hyperloop for a long time.

But most of the “updates” — whether from Elon Musk’s camp or the field — thus far have just consisted of additional concept renderings. It’s easy to think of the Hyperloop as a half-forgotten promise, the transportation savior that’s too good to be true.

At long last, though, we’ve got an update that belongs to the physical world. Culver City-based startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (not affiliated with Musk) just presented their capsule prototype in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain, a full-size, sleek-as-it-is-long monorail called Quintero One.

hptt (3 images)

At 105 feet, the Quintero One would be only part of a fully realized Hyperloop train. And these just-released photos only display the completed exterior shell. Regardless, the goal is to zip passengers through tunnels at a speed of 620 MPH. We’re talking LA to Vegas in the time it takes to get your sandwich at a deli. And production is already underway on test tracks throughout the States, just as nations throughout the globe (UAE, China) lay their own plans. This could actually be coming, and soon.

Still, despite the welcome, concrete news, this feels reminiscent to those Six Flags roller coasters that rush towards a grand opening only to heave dummies out of the carriage on the first back flip. How do we know that this thing will be safe? Well, HyperloopTT stress their research into safe, sturdy materials, and say they’ve used a “dual-layer smart composite” on the exterior of the train. A bit vague, but fair, considering there are quite a few transport-world Slugworths lurking.

We’ll just have to see how the thing performs out on the track. If all goes well, the wait will have been worth the hype 10 years from now. 

Find more information on the HyperloopTT prototype here.

All images from Hyperloof Transportation Technologies
h/t CNN Travel

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