How Spice Adams Went From Football Player to Online Comedian

Great comic timing and a penchant for memes

Spice Adams
Kel Mitchell and Anthony "Spice" Adams attend Nickelodeon's screening of "All That" and "Good Burger."
Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Professional football might not be the expected precursor to a career playing characters onscreen, but there are a few notable exceptions. Terry Crews spent several years in the 1990s on the gridiron before becoming a beloved character actor. Michael Strahan moved from a Hall of Fame career in the NFL into a position of television host and actor. And John David Washington spent time playing pro football before moving on to roles in the likes of Ballers and BlacKkKlansman

Turns out there’s another name to add to that roster: Anthony “Spice” Adams, whose time in the NFL has given way to a successful foray into comedy via Instagram. The New York Times explored Adams’s unlikely shift in careers — which was sparked by Strahan noting that Adams had plenty of on-screen charisma and spontaneity. 

The Times article also notes that, unlike many in the comedy world, Adams has the advantage of financial stability from his football career, meaning that he can pick and choose projects that feel right for him.

Thanks to a lucrative career in pro football, Adams can afford to be picky. He won’t, for instance, create content for liquor companies, curse or do anything that he considers a bad influence on his four children.

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Team runs used to be hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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It’s not the most traditional career path, but Adams has made it work — and made a whole lot of people laugh in the process. And, as befits a co-host of The Gret American Baking Show, he also has some excellent bakery recommendations. As he told Forbes earlier in the year, he’s open to pushing himself in new directions: “As long as it’s entertainment, I’m good.”

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