Fab Lore

By The Editors
January 8, 2013 9:00 am
Fab Lore

For all that’s been documented of The Beatles, much of the inner workings of the world’s greatest band remain a mystery. What really caused their breakup? Did Paul and John actually despise each other? Could Ringo ski?

Answering most of those questions: newly unearthed pics of the Fab Four, for sale now.

Shot by Henry Grossman — his shots adorned the covers of Time, Life, Newsweek, etc. — the newly released pics showcase the band from their U.S. arrival in ’64 up until ’68.

During those years, Grossman — despite not really liking The Beatles’ music — befriended the band, eventually taking over 7,000 photos of the group both at work, and more interestingly, in their off-time.

Most of these pics were never released, until now.

The big events are chronicled — the band on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” their legendary first press conference, hanging out with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, etc.) — but it’s the private moments that stand out, including:

…and, eh, Ringo being transfixed by psychedelic lights.

Each shot is numbered and hand-signed by the photographer, with only 50-100 prints of each pic available for purchase, at around $500-$3500 per shot.

Not cheap, but hey, certainly a better way to remember the band’s legacy than this.

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