Ghislaine Maxwell Got Dumped Over the Phone in Jail

Maxwell's husband Scott Borgerson reportedly ended their marriage over a phone call while his wife was behind bars

Ghislaine Maxwell attends VIP Evening of Conversation for Women's Brain Health Initiative, Moderated by Tina Brown at Spring Studios on October 18, 2016 in New York City.
She's single, gentlemen
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No matter how bad your 2021 was, it’s probably safe to say Ghislaine Maxwell had a worse one. Jeffrey Epstein’s literal partner in crime spent the year in prison under conditions she complained about frequently, was convicted of five counts related to sex trafficking underage girls, and, on top of it all, got dumped over the phone by her husband.

A friend of Maxwell’s told the Daily Mail that the convicted sex trafficker’s secretive marriage to tech entrepreneur Scott Borgerson ended over the phone while Maxwell was behind bars at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. According to the source, Borgerson dropped the bomb during a “confrontational” phone conversation when Maxwell was in solitary confinement, telling his wife of five years that he “had moved on and was seeing someone else.”

That someone else is reportedly a yoga teacher with “an ass that could crack open a walnut,” according to the New York Post. The new couple have been spotted canoodling around Borgerson’s home town of Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, where Maxwell was rumored to be hiding out in her husband’s oceanside mansion while on the run in the summer of 2019.

Maxwell and Borgerson wed in secret in 2016, with Borgerson’s name only entering the limelight after rumors of Maxwell’s “secret husband” began to swirl after her marital status was revealed in court documents following her July 2020 arrest.

The most shocking thing about this whole situation to me is not that Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband broke up with her, or even that he did it over the phone, but rather that she still even had a husband at this point. It seems to me that if your wife turns out to be a sex trafficker who was closely involved with one of the most notorious criminals of our time, it shouldn’t take an affair with yoga enthusiast to end the marriage. In this particular situation, it kind of seems like the end of the marriage should be implied, but what do I know.

According to one of the Mail‘s sources, Borgerson had planned to stick by his incarcerated wife’s side, but her prolonged stint behind bars strained the marriage. “She has been behind bars for 549 days now. It put a terrible strain on the marriage,” the source told the outlet.

Again, while I can only imagine that spending a year and a half in jail would indeed put a strain on even the strongest of marriages, you would think in this case, the reason Maxwell was behind bars in the first place would’ve been the first and final nail in that coffin.

Anyway, the point is all of these people are absolutely nuts, but congrats to Scott Borgerson and his new girlfriend’s nut-cracking ass cheeks, I guess.

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