Furries Congregate at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VRChat

There's something to be said about history repeating itself as farce

Four Seasons in VR
The location is familiar; the attendees, less so.

After an election week that abounded with memes and unlikely juxtapositions of images, a small business in Philadelphia became arguably the best-known landscaping store in the country. This would be Four Seasons Total Landscaping, site of a press conference headed by Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

At Curbed, architecture critic Justin Davidson phrased it most eloquently. “The end of an administration marked by episodes of sordid sex, wishful thinking, and mass death took place next door to a dildo-and-porn store named Fantasy Island and across the street from a crematorium,” he wrote. “If you were hunting for such a symbolically rich stage, how would you even Google it?”

Four Seasons Total Landscaping seems to be enjoying its moment in the spotlight: the business has begun selling merchandise (including a “Lawn & Order” shirt). Shing Yin Khor also created a memorable design combining Four Seasons Total Landscaping with that ubiquitous representation of all things Philadelphia, Gritty.

A digital version of the location has also grown in popularity as a hangout spot for furries. Writing at The Verge, Nick Statt chronicled the efforts of internet personality CooperTom to re-create the press conference in VRChat, populated entirely by furries.

In a video posted to Twitter, CooperTom explained the hours of work that went in to re-creating the outdoor space, which includes a precise attention to detail. It is a genuinely realistic evocation of the space; only the talking animals walking around within it throw off one’s sense of reality.

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