First Date With … Patty Ratermann

You’ve got dating questions. She’s got answers.

By The Editors
September 15, 2016 9:00 am

For this edition of First Date With, we link up with model and NYC real estate agent Patty Ratermann to chat manbuns, the downsides of online dating and guys who preen (spoiler: don’t be one). Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and if you need a new pad in NYC, look no further.

Name: Patty Ratermann
Instagram: @patty.alexandra
Hometown: New Orleans
And now you live in: New York
Day job: Model and Real Estate Agent at TOWN Residential

Image: Emily Winiker

Do tell: Your best first date.
He picked me up on his motorcycle and took me uptown to the Cloisters to go through the museum. What he didn’t count on was it being closed and coming up with a new date on the spot. We walked through the gardens at sunset and ended it with fried chicken in Harlem.

That sounds difficult to plan for. What’s a good bet for the rest for us?
A date that I know is new for him … Aka he’s not taken anyone else on the same date. We can tell.

Image: Mike Falco

What’s something you hate that men do on dates?

Do you prefer that a guy makes the plan, or you make ’em together?
Him. I’m constantly taking care of everyone around me and looking after every detail, it’s nice to feel looked after, cared for and surprised.

How do you like a guy to dress on a first date?
Makes an effort but not showy.

Give us a fail-safe conversation topic …
Work, travel.

Image: Fred Love 

And what topic should we steer clear of?
Exes. Don’t be ridiculous.

Online dating has changed the landscape … people are swiping and ghosting and benching — What do you think about all that? For better or worse?
It creeps me out … Absolutely for the worst. It’s seldom to find someone that invests in people anymore. Investment is more than a pickup line on some app you’ve been swiping left and right till your thumb hurts.

What advice were you given that’s in your mind on a first date?
Don’t date till you’re married.

Image: Travis Curry 

Yay or nay:

Guy who opens the door? Make your mother proud
Guy who orders for you? Meh.
Shots? No.
Splitting the check? I’ll offer. Don’t accept.
Kissing? Light.
More than smoochin’? Settle down, tiger.
Manbuns? Stop.
Dadbod? Go away, Leo.
Snapchat or LinkedIn? Neither.
Tesla or Camaro? Tesla P100, grey.
SoulCycle or soul food? How is this a real question? Feed me.
EDM or Eddie Money? Eddie Murphy.

Main image via Emily Winiker

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