Fake Heiress Anna Sorokin Gets up to 12 Years in Prison

Grifter 'Anna Delvey' was sentenced to a minimum of four years

Anna Sorokin Netlfix
Sorokin can kiss her Netflix pay day goodbye
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The famed fraudster who swindled her way onto the New York social scene by pretending to be a German heiress and swiping tens of thousands from friends and businesses is set to serve at least four years in prison.

Anna Sorokin, who previously masqueraded under the name Anna Delvey, was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison on Thursday, NBC News reported. Last month, the 28-year-old was convicted by a Manhattan jury on four counts of theft services, three counts of grand larceny and one count of attempted grand larceny. Sorokin was acquitted of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny.

New York Judge Diane Kiesel handed down the sentence, saying she was “stunned by the depth of the defendant’s deception.”

Sorokin had falsely claimed to be the heiress to an overseas fortune of more than $60 million, telling friends she was the daughter of a German diplomat or oil baron. The faux heiress conned friends and businesses into funding her lavish lifestyle, reportedly amassing a stolen fortune of around $275,000.

The infamous grifter left a friend with a $62,000 bill after failing to pay for a lavish trip to Morocco. Sorokin also failed to repay a $100,000 bank loan, and was accused of forging financial documents in a failed attempt to secure a $22 million loan to open private arts club.

Sorokin’s attorney, Todd Spodek, argued that the defendant had planned to repay her debts and was just “buying time” until she could.

Sorokin addressed the court at Thursday’s sentencing, saying “I apologize for the mistakes I made.”

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