Epstein Fixer Ghislaine Maxwell Could Be “Just About Anywhere”

Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell
The Maxwell hunt continues.
Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC Newsnight appearance earlier this month has sparked renewed interest in one of the most prevailing questions in the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein Saga: Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

The British socialite alleged to have had a hand in procuring and grooming Epstein’s sexual assault victims has remained almost entirely out of the public eye for months, and while various rumors have put her everywhere from Massachusetts to the Caribbean, Maxwell’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

“She’s the one missing link, and everybody wants to hear from her,” Daily Mail executive editor Candace Trunzo told Vanity Fair.

A photograph of Maxwell at an In-N-Out in LA surfaced in August, only for the Daily Mail to later report the photo had been staged by Maxwell herself and taken by a friend.

“It seemed to me that once we knew where she was, she decided she needed to change locations,” said Trunzo. “My feeling is that the way she felt she could minimize the intent to get a photograph of her was to put one out herself.”

Maxwell’s location remains unknown, and while an attorney who represents several Epstein accusers told the Sun “there’s only two possible places where she might be, and that’s England — or the U.K. somewhere — or in the States,” Trunzo thinks the possibilities are much broader.

“She’s got the means to be just about anywhere,” Trunzo told Vanity Fair. “She could be abroad, and she could still be here.”

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