Don’t Marry a Bartender If You Want a Long, Healthy Marriage

Where does your job fall on the divorce index?

July 28, 2017 9:00 am

Even though it reached its lowest rate in nearly 40 years a couple years back, divorce is still just as big an institution in America as marriage, though one you’d probably like to avoid if at all possible.

Easiest way to do that?

Don’t marry a bartender.

Using data from the 2015 American Community Survey, the folks over at Flowing Data have put together a number of interactive charts that show the rate of divorce as it relates to occupation.

According to the data, doctors, scientists and actuaries divorce the least frequently, whereas bartenders, flight attendants and gaming workers (casinos) cut ties most often. Right in the middle of the pack lie electricians, psychologists and registered nurses.

As the numbers make fairly clear, there is a strong relationship between salary and divorce rate, with the highest-paid occupations (physicians, surgeons, dentists) divorcing far less than their lower-paying counterparts (switchboard operations, telemarketers, dancers).

Love may be blind. But it’s not need blind.

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