Deal: You Probably Need New Ties. These Are the Ones You Should Buy.

Get ties from Brooks Brothers on the cheap

Deal: You Probably Need New Ties. These Are the Ones You Should Buy.

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The number of men wearing ties these days is obviously dwindling. The casual office environment obviously does not require them, but even the hordes of finance bros I encounter on a daily basis are often sans tie. Which I, a woman, think should change.

It’s no secret that a suit can look good without a tie, or with the increasingly popular “air tie,” but difference between a suit with an actual tie and one without is stark, leading to a timeless look that will always work. And if you need more incentive to convert to a tie-wearer, Brooks Brothers currently has a wide selection of ties for seriously cheap. We’re talking once $200 ties now for a mere $40.

Even if you’re not fully convinced to sport a tie daily, there will always be those occasions where you find yourself in need of one, like a last-minute wedding or a work event or, yes, a funeral. You might as well stock up while you can.

Limited Edition Archival Collection Striped Rep Silk Tie

Checkered Neat Tie

Plaid Tie

Bird Dog Tie

Floral Neat Print Tie

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