Wakeboarding on a Toboggan Looks Very Difficult, Canadian

However, this guy ain't the first person to do it

August 29, 2017 9:00 am

Anyone who’s ever successfully ridden a wakeboard, snowboard or skateboard has, at one point or another, looked at some similarly shaped, but utterly ridiculous, object and uttered the phrase: I bet I can ride that.

“That,” in this case, is a toboggan.

And this past month, perfectly named Canadian Chris Bear posted a video of himself carving the wake behind a boat on the snow sled for 24 seconds.

The video has racked up over 355K views and was picked up by Buzzfeed, which called it “the most Canadian surfing ever recorded.”

“I grew up at Madge Lake and my friends and I, as long as we’ve been driving boats, have been coming up with crazy things to pull behind boats,” Bear said to BuzzFeed Canada.

Unfortunately for him, so have others, including the people at Montana Inland Surf Tech in — you guessed it — the good ol’ USA. This video of another toboggan wakesurfer (who is too badass for a tow rope) was posted back in July:

Far be it from us to dump cold water on life-affirming viral videos such as this, but when people are still falling for “shark swimming in the streets” photos, someone has to stand up for reality.

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