Apple Upped Prices Across the Board on its Products — Because it Can

There seems to be no price too high for Apple devotees.

Apple customers will have to shell out bigger bucks than ever before for new products. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After the sticker shock of Apple’s $1,000 phone wore off, the company reassessed the prices of the rest of its products and decided to raise nearly all of them.

The price of every single iPhone went up last month, and several more popular items are following suit this week, CNN reported.

The newer, smaller iPad Pro is now $150 more expensive than its predecessor, the MacBook Air shot up $200, the Mac mini saw a $300 hike and even the Apple Pencil (whatever that is) is pricier at $30 more than it once was.

The most expensive iPad Pro is $1,899.

“They’re looking to differentiate and say we don’t want to compete with everyone at the lower end, we want to sell something unique,” analyst Wayne Lam of IHS Markit told the news site.

In Apple’s defense, some of the price jumps are because of newer, better technology that costs them more money to produce. But it’s also a strategic decision, as CNN noted — especially for products like the MacBook Air and Mac Mini — for the company to distinguish itself from other computer options on the market. In raising prices of its exclusive, non-Windows laptops and desktops, Apple is the “aspirational,” luxury brand.

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