Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Wants You to Live in Space

A single trip over the Earth's atmosphere in Jeff Bezos' spaceship will run you a couple hundred thousand dollars, some experts speculate.

(Blue Origin)
(Blue Origin)

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ wealth hit $150 billion this summer — a staggering figure that allows him to fund Blue Origin, his passion-project-turned-vehicle for civilians to touch the stars.

And although Blue Origin has yet to officially announce the price for such a stellar, if not short, trip into the thermosphere to experience a few moments of weightlessness and a celestial view of Earth, the ticket price will likely exceed a couple hundred thousand dollars, Wired reported.

But Bezos’s ambitions into space travel far exceed a singular liftoff; he sees the future of humanity existing in the cosmos. He believes with “increasing conviction” that the Earth will eventually run out of resources and companies like his will offer people Plan B — floating through space full-time.

“The Earth is finite” Bezos said, “and if the world economy and population is to keep expanding, space is the only way to go.”

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